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Day Camps


2023-24 Day Camp

Ages 5+ (as of Dec. 31st 2023)

Full week $300 + hst

Single Day $75 + hst


Before and aftercare

starting at 8am - 5:30pm 

$15 per day + hst


Meal plan

(includes two snacks & lunch) 

$16 per day + hst

What to bring
1. Lunch and 2 snacks.  Must be peanut free. (Unless purchased meal plan)
2. Refillable water bottle
3. Outdoor wear (running shoes, water shoes (creek exploring), hat, sunscreen. Rainy days sent umbrella and rain boots.
4. Change of clothes (Just in case)

What not to bring
- Toys, books, electronics (unless specified), any jewelry that can be taken off or art supplies.

Last Week of Summer Camp

9am to 4pm   Age 5+ (as of Dec. 31 2023)

Farm Week

Tuesday August 29th -3 spots

Project - Chicken Cartoon Drawing (multi medium)

Wednesday August 30th - 3 spots

Project - Barn Watercolours

Thursday August 31st - 4 spots

Project - Cow canvas painting

Friday September 1st - 5 spots

Project - Piggy Marker Art on Bristol


2023-2024 School Year PD Day Camps


Halloween Day

Friday October 27th 

Christmas Tree Day

Friday November 24

Ground Hog Day

Friday February 1st


Catholic School Board

Apple Grove Day

Monday September 18th

Fall Havest Day

Friday October 6th

Christmas Tree Day

Friday November 24

Still have a few questions?

We can help.  Send us an email with any concerns you may have.  

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